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11:20am 20/12/2005
  i watched ABCs/ Discovery Channels "100 Greatest Americans" last night. its a show where people vote online for who they think is the greatest american.

here is a taste of who made the first 75:

Dr. Phil
Tom Cruise
John Wayne
Brett Farve

here is a list of who didnt make the first 75:


here is who is in the top 25 that i know of:

Elvis Presely
John Edwards
George Bush

wow. american culture sucks ass. martin luther king better fucking be in the top 25, more importantly, people who ACTUALLY DO IMPORTANT AND WORTHWHILE THINGS better be in the top 25.

seriously, everyone who voted for dr. phil needs to turn off the tv and venture outside of their living rooms and read a book. fuck all of you.

PS this is why i hate america.
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reason has represented 0% of the budget for the last fiscal century.   
06:59pm 13/12/2005
  agro-buisnesses have patented plants and their seeds, which makes it illegal to replant seeds from the previous years yield. despite heavy fines and jail time, many farmers ignore the patents and continue to keep their farms self-sustaining. to combat this problem, corporations have genetically egineered special seeds called "terminator seeds". these seeds produce sterile plants, and force the farmers to purchase seeds every year.

no wonder millions of people are starving all over the world.
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06:26pm 12/12/2005
  you dudes should check out the dagda, a sweet ass crust/punk/hardcore band from ireland

they sound similar to y, severed head of state, and his hero is gone.
at times, thier songs sound alot like vae victis, only faster and heavier.

their website is www.jobbykrust.com/dagda/

for you lazy motherfuckers the link to their mp3s is www.jobbykrust.com/dagda/index2.htm

peace suckahs
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07:08pm 12/11/2005
  time for some moral math!

$15,000,000 = amount of money spent in one hour in iraq
$360,000,000 = amount of money spent in iraq each day
$2,200,000,000 = cost of one B-2 spirit stealth bomber
$420,700,000,000 = estimated US military budget of 2005 (in 2004 it was $399.1 billion)
$2,200,000,000,000 = estimated US military spending in next five years

$350,000,000 = amount of money given for disaster relief in indonesia

lets compare the 350 million give in relief to the militart budget and the war in iraq:

$350,000,000 is spent every 23.33 hours in iraq
$350,000,000 is 0.08% of the estimated military budget of 2005
$350,000,000 is 0.007% of the amount of money that the US has already spent in iraq

lets compare Bush's inaugural party to, say, the living wage (lowest income that a given person can live on per year):

$40,000,000 = cost of Bush's inaugural party (not including security)
$20,000 = living wage (per year)
2,000 = number of people that could could be fed, clothed, and shelterd for a year at the cost of Bush's inaugural party.

lets compare the cost of a cruise missile to the living wage:

$20,000 = living wage
$1,000,000 = cost of one cruise missile
40 = number of cruise missiles shot on march 19, 2004 during operation iraqi freedom
$40,000,000 = cost of cruise missiles shot on march 19, 2004 during operation iraqi freedom
2,000 = number of people that could be fed, clothed, and sheltered for a year at the cost of the cruise missiles shot on one day
during operation iraqi freedom.

the cost of an AGM-65A (not including the cost of AGM-65B-E models) missile to the living wage:

$20,000 = living wage (per year)
$22,387 = cost of one AGM-65A air to surface missile
75,000 = average amount of AGM-65A missles bought from late 1990s to 1999
$1,679,025,000 = total amount of money spent on AGM-65A missiles
83,951 = number of people that could be fed, clothed, and sheltered for one year at the cost of all AGM-65A missiles

finally lets compare the US military budget to the (estimated)number of homeless people:

$420,700,000,000 = estimated military budget of 2005
3,500,000 = estimated number of people who expierence homelessness every year (Urban Institute of Homelessness)
20,000 = living wage
$70,000,000,000 = cost of keeping the nations homeless fed, clothed, and sheltered for an entire year
$70,000,000,000 = 17% of estimated US military budget of 2005
21,035,000 = number of people who could be clothed, fed, and sheltered for one year at the cost of the estimated US military budget
of 2005
6 = number of years that homeless would be nonexistent at the cost of the estimated US military budget of 2005

$2,200,000,000,000 = estimated US military spending for the next five years
3,500,000 = estimated number of people who expierence homelessness every year (Urban Institute of Homelessness)
20,000 = living wage
$70,000,000,000 = cost of keeping the nations homeless fed, clothed, and sheltered for an entire year
$70,000,000,000 = 3% of estimated US military spending for the next five years
110,000,000 = number of people who could be clothed, fed, and sheltered for one year at the cost of the estimated US military
budget of the next five years.
31.4 = number of years that homeless would be nonexistent at the cost of the estimated US military budget of the next five

excuse me US government, i think you should check your moral math.
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10:08pm 11/11/2005
  we need an intellectual revolution.

technology and progress seems to have stunted our intellect. with the massive amounts of technology and innovations that the 20th and 21st century has witnessed you would think that our thinking would progress as well. but it hasnt. its disheartening. people dont think about things anymore, they just calculate them. perhaps its the new society that came with this new technology and the distractions it provides like tv, sports, and video games. technology is suppose to make our lives easier, but it has actually sped up our lives, giving us more time to cram our schedules with mundane tasks. its this speed that allows the things in this world to go unnoticed. the speed in which we live is faster then the speed in which we think. if people would stop and contemplate the state of things, change would surely follow.

get into a fist-fight with your tv and win.
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on the scuffle with the police at the DNC   
: //
  i just want to clear up somethings for all of you who have heard the police's bullshit story about the scuffle outside of the fleetcenter on the the 29th. the supposed dummy "molotov" cocktail was actually a pirate hook constructed out of papermache, and part of the individuals pirate costume. he was thrown to the ground and arrested, we of course, couldnt let that injustice go without some sort of rebuttal, so we formed a line, pushed the police back and chanted "let him go pigs, let him go!". a woman was arrested very soon after because the police believed that she had a bottle of "charcoal" which she was apparently planning on throwing on the fire that was created earlier, she however, was holding a bottle of WATER and was attempting to put OUT the fire. another protester was arrested because of "assualt" of a police officer, the individual had grabbed onto a police officers leg and attempted to slow him down as he beat another protester to the ground. the police then grabbed his dreads and threw him to the ground and pushed his face into the concrete with his knee. this is the bullshit that goes at protests, a bunch of unarmed citizens against a bunch of cops in full riot gear with tear gas, "non-lethal" guns, cow prods, batons, and night sticks, and we are painted as the aggressors? as dangerous? its hardly a fair fight, but if you assualt any of our fellow organizers, we will fight back.

besides, after the cops retreated we had a dance party to celtic war drums. id like to see the pigs dance like THAT. get psyched, get pissed, shake your booty, raise yo fist!
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yeah. its all connected.   
11:59pm 12/09/2005
  i watched about 2 hours worth of the show cops today, and if you've ever watched an episode you would know that all of the criminals taped are lower to lower-middle class citizens. in one of the episodes i watched, a known prostitute was stopped on the sidewalk because the cop saw her coming out of someones house. she explained that it was her boyfriends house, but he ran her license anyway and discovered that she had warrents out for her arrest. the warrents were for manifestation of prostitution, and as the woman lay on the ground sobbing saying "i have to many children, i have two many children", the cop asked why she was in her line of buisness, and would she want her oldest child to follow in her footsteps. the cop then asked her if she had quit smoking crack, and she said she was trying too, and the cop judged her again by saying "why do you do that stuff? you arent setting a good example for your kids".

the woman was not unlike any normal mother, she would do anything for her kids, she sold her body to put food on the table. her situation was a dead end. due to her immeninet arrest, she have a very hard time getting a job with a record especially now that jobs are in short supply. but how else was she suppose to support her family? on minimum wage? she couldnt keep herself alive on minimum wage, not to mention her kids. crime is desperation. if a poor person has no money to eat food, is he going to do nothing and starve? fuck no. hes going to steal some bread or money from a local store.

politicians and people should realize that hiring more police or enstating stricter enforement of the law, wont lower the crime rate. crime is dependent on the desperation of the lower class. to stop crime, we should raise the minimum wage, make more jobs available, and better the conditions of subsisized housing.

basically FUCK FREE MARKET ECONOMICS. if you dont get the connection, you dont know anything about free market economics.

but most of all FUCK LAISSEZ FAIRE.
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you. have. to. be. fucking. kidding. me. jesus. fucking. christ.   
07:37pm 09/04/2005
  let me just give you an example of the rediculousness of the bush administration:

(a conversation between condi rice and a judge on the september 11th committee)

rice: "the document had information and intelligence on possible al qeada attacks OUTSIDE of the US. it did not warn or hint at an attack with the US"

committee judge: "dr. rice could you tell the court the name of this document?"

rice: "mhmm if i recall correctly...i believe it was called 'osama bin Laden determined to stage an al qeada attack within the united states"

seriously. words cant describe the obsurdity..
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gay government employees lose their protection.   
01:41pm 27/03/2005

homosexuals can now be fired from positions within the white house and recieve no recourse. in other words, the government sees being gay has a justifiable and viable reason for being fired.

its the wilson administration all over again, except with sexuality rather then race.
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oh henry david thoreau, you were just a simple minded man. or so says my english book.   
05:38pm 02/02/2005
  we recently had the pleasure of reading an excerpt of henry david thoreau's "civil disobedience" in english class. after we read the portion of the essay, we had to answer questions on thoreau's definition of the best government and his ideas on how to put forth social and political change. questions one through four began with something like "according to thoreau" or "what was thoreau's thoughts on...", however question five was very different it asked "what arguments might you use to counter thoreau's objections to the idea of a standing government? what examples might you provide to support an argument that government benefits the individuals?". the only question thats answer could not be found in the text, the only question that required you to think on your own, asked you to argue with thoreau's ideas. the other four questions did not ask you to defend his beliefs, or ask you to find your own justification for them, they simply asked you to find HIS reasoning, so how can they ask you to think as an oppenent of his ideas without also asking you think as a propponent?

the questions should make you think unbiasedly about thoreau's ideas of government and governing, rather then forcing you to think subjectivly.

i also find it interesting that admist my perusing of my literature book, i did not find another set of questions for other writings, titled "critisize" as i did with civil disobedience.
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a revolution by the people, for others.   
10:00pm 27/01/2005
  for a revolution to occur, the majority of the oppression and violence must be directed towards the internal population. in the past, countries looked within for exploitable workers and labor slaves, but that changed with the introduction of mulitnationals in the early 1900s, and the evolution of capitalism. first world nations now recieve most of their cheap labor from over-seas and from its own lower class citizens. all revolutions must be internal, they must be orchestrated by the people from within. but if the majority of the population isnt expierencing the injustices and oppression of the system that they live under, they will be unwilling to assist in change, thus making a successful and popular revolution impossible. first world nations have found a way to oppress and exploit without fear of revolt or violence within its own borders.  
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this book was written in white ink.   
08:14pm 08/01/2005
  american history classes are bullshit. the textbooks used are eurocentric and flatout racist. they credit the white europeans with every discovery, even when these "discoveries" were discovered hundreds and sometimes thousands of years before by colored people. europeans are portrayed as the first people to become interested and intrigued by exploration and discovering new people and lands. this couldnt be farther from the truth. spanish explorers and conquestadors are credited with discovering south america and middle america, however archeolgy and written accounts show that african people had been trading and even inhabiting south and middle america for hundreds of years. there is even some evidence that the chinese had been visting south america and canada years before columbus and cortez were even born. the phonecians had been rounding the cape of good hope for centuries, but king henry and his explorers are credited as being the first to round the tip of africa. obviously discoveries dont count unless they are "discovered" by white people.

america was "discovered" even though people had been living on it for hundreds of years prior to european exploration. however, these people were not european, and therefore did not count.

textbooks explaination for the rise of european curosity fail to reveal the true reason for the change in europes attitude to the world, and instead conjure up a false scenario in which the change was internal. before the crusades, europe had almost no interest with the rest of the world, and had secluded itself for the most part. it was a crude continent, with petty wars between kings, barons, and princes. europe had no interest in science or technology. however, after the last crusade, and the capture of jerusalem from the muslims, the europeans stole muslim technology, science, and social ideas. it was this new information and technology that sparked curiosity into the barbaric europeans.

history textbooks are written from a white perspectives, and therefore are written FOR white people. columbus is "herofied" and described in textbooks in a manner that displays him as an honorable and moral man, displaying him as a hero. however, native american and black americans cannot idenitify with columbus, they do not see him as a hero. columbus exterminated the whole arawak tribe in the carribean, stole their gold, and sold many of them to slavery. he made other carribean tribes work for the spanish, and punished them with brutal mutaliations if they did not comply. columbus is made to be a hero for white people, since american history is a white mans history. black people cannot identify with george washington, since he owned many slaves. mexicans cannot identify with woodrow wilson, since he sent troops into mexico, who used violence in order to stop a mexican rebellion and install a leader with american interests in mind. american history textbooks are racist, and eurocentric.
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killer birds attacking.....get to the choppah   
02:12am 02/01/2005
  what human beings need are giant flesh devouring birds.

people would then be content with simply being alive and surviving another day, instead of filling their garages with expensive cars. humans lack a predator, and therefore lack the fullment of simply being alive and well. the need for material possessions would be elimanated and life would actually serve a purpose, organisms are alive for the sole purpose of surviving and ensuring the continuation of its species. when the surviving aspect is removed, a void is created, and that satisification must be replaced with something else: material possessions.
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the priest and the devil.   
05:14pm 30/01/2004
  in 1849 feodor dostoyevsky wrote on the wall of his prison cell the following story of "the priest and the devil":

"hello you little fat father!" the devil said to the priest. "what made you lie so much to those poor, misled people? what tortures of hell did you depict? dont you know they are already suffering the tortures of hell in their earthly lives? dont you know that you and the authorities of the state are my representatives on earth? it is you that make them suffer the pains of hell which you threaten them. don you know this? well, then, come with me!"
the devil grabbed the priest by the collar, lifted him high into the air, and carried him to a factory, to an iron foundry. he saw the workmen there running and hurrying to and fro, and toiling in the scorching heat. very soon the thick, heavy air and the heat are to much for the priest. with tears in his eyes, he pleads with the devil: "let me go! let me leave this hell!"
"oh my dear friend, i must show you many more places." the devil gets hold of him again and drags him off to a farm. there he sees workmen threshing the grain. the dust and heat are insufferable. the overseer carries a knout, and unmercifully beats anyone who falls to the ground overcome by hard toil and hunger.
next the priest is taken to the huts where these same workers live with their families-dirty, cold, smokey, ill-smelling holes. the devil grins. he points out the poverty and hardships which are at home here.
"well, isnt this enough?" he asks. and it seems as if even he, the devil, pities the people. the pious servant of god can hardly bear it. with uplifted hands he begs: "let me go away from here. yes, yes! this is hell on earth."
"well, then, you see. and you still promise them another hell. you torment them, torture them to death mentally when they are already all but dead physically! come on! i will show you one more hell-one more, the very worst!"
he took him to a prison and showed him the dungeon, with its foul air and the many human forms, robbed of all health and energy, lying on the floor, covered in vermin that were devouring thier poor, naked, bodies.
"take off your silken clothes", said the devil to the priest, "put on your ankles heavy chains such as those unfortunates wear; lie down in on the cold and filthy floor-and then talk to them about a hell that still awaits them!"
"no no!" answered the priest, "i cannot think of anything more dreadful then this. i entreat you, let me go away from here!"
"yes, this is hell. there can be no worse hell than this. did you no know? did you not know that these men and women whom you are frightening with the picture of hell hereafter-did you not know that they are in hell right here, before they die?"
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...and by the moon we mean a desert in montana.   
06:40pm 04/01/2004
  theres a theory going around that the united states never really landed on the moon. that the pictures from the supposed "moon walk" were taken at area 51 or another location in the united states. there are apparently lighting problems the in moon pictures, the shadows on objects and the "moon"s surface do not compliment each other.

if it is true, it makes sense. during this time, the united states was in a power struggle with the soviet union. this struggle encompassed the nuclear arms race, economics, political influence, and the space race.

im going to explore the matter more deeply. ill keep you posted.
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third world nations, the backbone of the american economy.   
08:26pm 12/12/2003
  the united states has single handedly reduced all south american countries to third world nations. america has crushed all democratic governments in south america, in order to keep the south american market open for american goods.

the first democratic election in el salvador was rigged by the US and put an authoratative regime in power. the united states then continued to send military aid to the oppressive government, encouraging state terror and death squads. in feburary 1980 the el salvadorian arch bishop, romero, pleaded with the president Carter to stop sending aid to the government stating that it "provided resources and weapons to an organization that murders innocent people and administers torture to those that oppose it." of course, being the ones who enabled the oppressive government to be elected, the US knew along. romero was assassinated a week later during mass by the neo-nazi roberto d' aubuisson, who was a member of the ARENA party, the party in control of el salvador.

in guatemala in 1944, a revolution occured that overthrew a vicious tyrannt and established a democratic government based on roosevelts New Deal. this threatened the US controlled market in the region, and the CIA carried out a successful coup. the US backed violence in guatemala continued and reached and extreme hieght in the 1970s when Rios Montt, the leader of guatemala, started a campaign to murder and rape tens of thousands of guatemalans, mostly indians in the high lands, and destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Rios Montt was praised by Reagan, who called him "completely dedicated to democracy."

brazil is the worlds most naturally rich country, and could easily lead the world in economic status. but due to US intervention, brazil has remained a third world nation where 50% of its population live in smal shacks, and 20% of the population are homeless. america smashed the first and only social revolution in brazil, and has kept its people oppressed with US instated authortative governments. if brazil was an economic power, it would drastically decrease the US market in brazil.

similar cases can be observed in panama, nicuraga, and chile. without third world countries, first world nations wouldnt have a market to thrive on. america keeps third world nations from reforming and developing, all for the sake of a profit. god bless america.
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theres a reason athiesm starts with an 'A'. its because "actual" and "accurate" do too.   
08:22pm 06/12/2003
  younglife reminds me of the hitler youth.

im starting an atheist club called "real life".
its kinda like younglife but without the christian propaganda.
we accept everyone regardless of IRREVELANT AND TRIVIAL SHIT like sexuality.

i think im going to start a section of my journal called "christian bastards", in each entry im going to name a christian bastard and explain what attributes his/her bastardy.

this weeks christian bastard:
President McKinley(the imperalist christian)- he summed up his bastardness in one qoute "an inner voice told me to take all the Philippines and Christianize and civilize them, after I had knelt seeking divine guidance"

PS Limp wrist is a gay thrash band. i didnt know sinners could make such good music.
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09:51pm 03/12/2003
  right before and during the american revolution, the american revolutionaries were called terrorists.

tis funny how much us americans forget our past.
and how much we are hypocrits. tis certainly a great conundrum.
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04:25pm 03/12/2003
  excerpt from "THE DANGER OF THE POKEMON FASCINATION" taken from www.bible.com, a christian website about the bible. now read this and try not to laugh and try to take religion seriously.

First of all, its name describes what this game is about. Pokemon is short for "Pocket Monsters". When I was growing up, we were taught monsters were evil, not something to play with. When I was a little girl, the "boogie man" or monsters caused us fear and we did not want to be around them. This game makes some of its monsters out as friendly; thus causing children to embrace certain evil spirits as friends instead of resisting them. This is not the only game that does this as there are other games and books that trivialize or glamorize the occult as well. One of the most evil book series that children are reading at this hour are the Harry Potter books. These books are just as dangerous as the Pokemon games. The Harry Potter books have become a best selling series that chronicle the tales of an orphaned boy at a school for wizards. These books deal with the occult in a fantasy way. In the books you will find animal sacrifices, threats of human sacrifices, witchcraft, wizardry and divination as well as other evil things
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08:59pm 25/11/2003
  im logging IPs so all you anonymous posters, if you dont make a fucking point whether if be agreeing with me or not, you will be banned. im really tired of people writing shit like "DIE BITCH" and "YOU FAG BURN" i think its fucking childish that you cant disagree with me and MAKE A FUCKING VALID POINT. all you are doing is showing me that you lack intelligence. why dont you try to prove that im wrong instead of insulting me.  
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